Sunday, March 23, 2008

Citizen Journalism is on the Rise

Last semester American University had two prestigious journalists speak at the school hardball Helen Thomas and MSNBC White House Correspondent David Greggory. When the floor was open for questions I remember a student asking how each of them felt about web 2.0 and the idea that John Stewart and his Daily Show was more hard news then the traditional nightly news. Gregory quickly answered the question and moved on to the next one.

Does this mean that journalists are actually scared of Jon Stewart? As Helen Thomas has says "there needs to be more hard news" and right now the traditional media is not producing hard news. This is why people are beginning to rely on non traditional media like blogs. News sites are now allowing users to write and report on there websites. The users are now the journalists. Citizen Journalism is the way our news media is now going and will continue to perpetuate.

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auclubvolleyball said...

Blogs are a great source of information as long as you read multiple. Each blog will have their own tendency to lean left or right just as the news media. I know that I like to read blogs before I make my decision about what I think about the topic so that I can see both sides of an argument. Watching news on TV will only give me so much information and I never really know what to believe.

I just saw the movie stop-loss (thank you for the tickets by the way) and I realize how much media has an influence on the way people think. The movie was a blatant attack on the war in Iraq. You see soldiers and the effect the war has on them and how much they ultimately hate what the war does to people. The facts presented are only the facts that make you realize the negative effects of the war. The movie is a great example of how the media shapes public thoughts.