Sunday, April 13, 2008

GPS cellphones save the world

I don't know if anyone else is overwhelmed with all the new and innovative social networking technologies out there but I am. After reading this article, I started to think about how many people have access to this technology and how many do not. People who do have internet are sure to have access to all of these modernistic websites but not everyone can afford cell phones that have GPS systems and reach and locate everyone.

In regards to that I have to mention this other article in my blog posting because I literally stumbled upon it. The article focuses on how cell phone companies like Nokia are sending anthropologists to third world countries. They are not marketing to the locals they are there in order to understand the culture and see how their technology can be used in the country. If technology such as the Mobile GPSs system should be targeted to everyone it should be priced at realistic and affordable prices. If this does not happen they will not reach the people they are trying to target.

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Deepak Shahani said...

I think its interesting how you mention that not everyone has access to technology. This is especially true in the third world, and a lack of technology can create social barriers and have people less access to information. I feel that as more people get on the Internet and can have full access, instead of some countries filtering certain sites, then there can be greater understanding amongst cultures. The pursuit of knowledge is very important and as people become more knowledgeable they can have a more enriching life.